66Biolinks – Bio Links URL Shortener QR Codes & Web Tools

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66Biolinks – Bio Links URL Shortener QR Codes & Web Tools

bio link platform you’ll ever need, including a fully-featured system featuring 45 useful tools.

  • Tracking pixels Fb, G Analytics / Tag Manager, Quora, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter
  • Themes Choose from a set of predefined themes (created in the admin panel).
  • Highly customizable custom backgrounds, custom Favicon, custom Opergraph. etc.
  • Custom branding
  • People can add their own branding De completely remove it.
  • SEO settings Block search engine indexing, custom title & meta description.
  • Font customization Choose from a set of fonts & font sizes.
  • Language targeting Send people to different URLs based on their browser language.
  • A/B/C… targeting Send people to different URLs randomly & equally
  • OS targeting Send people to different URLs based on their operating system
  • Password protection Only allows people to access your URL if they know the password.
  • Sensitive content warning Alert people of sensitive content before accessing the URL.

15 available bio link blocks All these blocks are included by default.

  • Link/URL block
  • Heading text block
  • Avatar image block
  • ✓ Custom image block
  • Social links block
  • ✓ Email signup block
  • SoundCloud embed block
  • YouTube embed block
  • Spotify embed block
  • Twitch embed block
  • ✓ Vimeo embed block
  • TikTok embed block
  • Phone collector block
  • ✓ PayPal payment link block

Helpful Web Tools

including a fury featured, easy-to-use tools system
  • DNS lookup • Plookup
  • SSL lookup
  • ? Whois lookup
  • Ping Sites/servers/porta
  • MD5 generator
  • Base64 converter
  • Base64 Image converter & URL converter
  • Lorem ipsum generator
  • Markdown to HTML
  • 1 Case converter
  • UUID v4 gonorator
  • Berypt generater
  • Password generator
  • Slug generator
  • HTML minify
  • • CSS minify
  • JS Minify •
  • User agent parser Wobate hosting chocker Character counter
  • . URL par
  • Color converter
  • HTTP headers lookup

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