Elon Musk Reveals How Hyperloop Will Change Transportation 2022

Elon Musk Reveals How Hyperloop Will Change Transportation

Elon Musk Reveals How Hyperloop Will Change Transportation 2022

Elon musk just officially opened to the insane you Hyperloop everyday in our mind we speculate about our future but for instance let’s now think about the future of

transportation and you might dream up the old animated show the Jetsons with everyone flying around and personal space ships not only this will ever come to pass as we are still piling into creaky old subways and buses but Elon musk is on a whole other

level he believes in making dreams into reality by making an insane Hyperloop is it going to change the entire meaning of transportation how will it affect us and will it ever succeed want to know more about it well stay tuned it till the end of the video welcome to Elon musk remind them forget to subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to never miss an update on SpaceX Tesla starship well basically anything related to the

multi talented influential tech I gone and billionaire Ilan musk now there are many questions but first let’s start my own 3 what is a Hyperloop Hyperloop as you may have had is a super speed at ground level transportation system in which people could travel in a hovering pulled inside a vacuum tube at speeds as high as 760 miles per hour 1000 220 kilometers per hour just shy of the speed of sound

virgins system includes magnetic levitation much like the technology used in advanced high speed rail projects in Japan and Germany as a vision for fast transportation vacuum tube transit systems have been around for a surprisingly long time at 1845 Eisenbahn kingdom Brunel an engineer in Bretagne and to the lawn most of his time proposed building a tube in southwest

England that would propel trains at a den dizzying speed of 70 miles per hour 110 kilometers per hour the project proved unfeasible due to lack of equipment that would maintain it and the Brunel’s concept was abandoned despite Brunel’s struggles it was more than a century before Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon musk turn the world’s attention back to 2. 

The transit technology back in 2013 he published a 50 page technical paper that outlined the design of Hyperloop a solar powered transportation system which he interpreted as a

cross between a Concorde a rail gun and an air hockey table Muska said to buy the vehicle could make the 250 mile journey between New York and Washington DC in just 29 minutes and computed at the cost of the infrastructure at $6000000000 he also said

the new transit system should be safer than any current mode of transportation immune to read that and reluctance to us quakes you almost gets talking about a New York to DC Hyperloop that takes 29 minutes well I can’t even go to Brooklyn without packing an overnight bag. 

Jokes apart Ilan musk might make this Hyperloop after old the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is said to be planning to create a high proportion of his planned underground tunnel based Hyperloop wrecked my can self rather than counting on outside partners that are already

developing commercializing technology that Hyperloop trademark has already been applied for by SpaceX with the petition date prior to musk’s release of his 2013 research paper summarizing the design and potential of the transportation technology but how does a Hyperloop work well in simple words Hyperloop works by sending passenger and

cargo pods to a very low pressure near vacuum in Wyman’s using magnetic levitation to achieve very high speeds over long distances at its core a Hyperloop system is all about removing the 2 things that slow down regular vehicles friction and air resistance to do away with the former the poll needs to have a above its track making the Hyperloop a magnetic levitation maglev train to put it in geeky terms maglev trains used 2 sets of

magnets want to repel and push the train off the track and another set to move the floating train ahead taking advantage of the lack of friction once 2 sets of magnetic waves are established they work in tandem to push the vehicle forward but is there any specific advantage of using maglev trains on DJ mag Lev is that it allows you to go to

where high speeds in addition to having a very nice ride quality it’s like riding on a magic carpet from Aladdin the super speed of the Hyperloop is attained by trusting nice air resistance passenger pods moved through a low pressure sealed the tube which contains vacuums that suck out nearly all of the air by virtue of being any too but the system is protected from the weather and can operate in almost any weather condition well these

are pretty good benefits of Hyperloop but there must be few cons faced by them so what are the difficulties faced by Hyperloop with the on going developments for the Hyperloop more hurdles and challenges started arising the problem that arises here is that most design which is made on subjective and suboptimal the need for objective. 

Open source research is there to be able to convey extra the best possible Hyperloop design so let’s talk over a few barriers faced by the Hyperloop number one business case a business case is a feasibility analysis done preliminary to the start of the project the

costs are evaluated against the benefits and in this way a verdict can be drawn whether or not to continue with the project generally the project is tend on once the benefits outweigh the costs for the Hyperloop such an analysis isn’t getting positive results number 2 hi speed switches now in the high believe system the old course I connected with links yet there are multiple ways to connect to a hub using the links an option is to

directly connect all hubs similar to a metro system all links post through the stations where the bugs have to stop another option is to use a highway system using ramps to words and from the station for the latter option hi speed switches are required to switch on to the rams hi speed switches can be useful for the Hyperloop as it can increase the

efficiency of the system and reduce the average travel times a logical development of high speed switches is in its infancy and it needs to be proven and no one knows when it’ll be ready number 3 emergency exits emergency exits in some form are expected for the Hyperloop they’re often emergencies that could occur in the tube and people must be

Elon Musk Reveals How Hyperloop Will Change Transportation 2022

evacuated however designing an emergency exit system is complex a Hyperloop has never been created and utilized before so practical experience and data is not readily available so what emergencies are critical into what emergencies the system needs to be designed is unclear. 

Number full road to implementation the Hyperloop is increasing momentum as 1 more qualities on joining the developments some of these parties operate open source however several parties are more commercial in the end the Hyperloop intends to be a mode of transportation connecting different lawn tribes throughout the continent to achieve this effectively there should be 1 Hyperloop design any central Oregon control of the project number 5 levitation in levitation systems for a Hyperloop several limitation

mechanisms were interpreted each 1 comes with a different guy pots and are often not similar with each other this makes it difficult to develop a tube where more than 1 limitation mechanism is possible however there are still many developments going on regarding limitation mechanisms and going away standardization would bring

innovation to a standstill or at least slow it down but the major question is even after all these drawbacks good at making progress not be Ilan musk 1 remember 82020 to read Hyperloop tickets fast human passengers for a ride merging high believe CEO and co founder Josh giggle said it was probably 1 of the top 2 or 3 most incredible experiences of

my life this idea of getting into something that you and the team created a that was really just a concept in here it was in flesh and steel and carbon fiber and you’re sitting inside of it was really humbling and inspiring virgin Hyperloop also released a video showing its vision for a high speed transportation system in which it says will allow passengers to travel up to speeds of 670 miles per hour the company which is part of

Richard Branson’s virgin monarchy claims that this new form of mass transportation will set the standard for 20 first century travel by connecting cities in minutes it’s an important achievement for virgin Hyperloop which was founded on the premise of

making Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon musk’s version of the futuristic complication system of magnetically levitating pods traveling through nearly airless tubes at speeds of up to standard at 60 miles a reality now humanity is facing also. 

Sorts of contradiction challenges so why is Hyperloop the right solution we’re looking at moving massive amounts of people at the speed of an aircraft giving them the opportunity to live where they want to live and

work where they want to whack a Hyperloop would move as many people and goods as he said he lane highway this is a very big ambition and concept that is yet to become a reality but now despite not having fast mover advantage an energetic man like you on musket can accomplish anything he might be the one who solves

all the problems in the idea before anyone else but apart from our expectation the bolts what do you think about the Hyperloop let us know in the comments below and most importantly if you want to be updated on every single topic related to Elon

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