Google Engineer Says Chatbot Company AI Become

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Google Engineer Says Chatbot Company AI Become

This is a fascinating story we have for you a senior Google engineer who says one of the company’s artificial intelligence systems has become a 17 being

I was thinking and reasoning like a human being a spokesperson for Google said that while chatbots can imitate

conversation man not free-thinking what made the company’s former employees speak out

well let’s bring you some insights into that I’m joined by our technology as it is a requirement is with us here today sorry what is the

what about us and they see stories that said Google created an artificial intelligence project which collapse and it was designed to generate

Google Engineer

chapel to the things you see when you go online you know a little box pops up can I help you can I interpret your flight can

Google Engineer

I advise you that sort of thing he wants to make as realistic as possible it’s been about 5 years now creating this.

The senior engineer says he had a chance with a conversation he conceded he published a really long block but it’s very interesting reading but she almost a series of questions and the responses that gave a fascinating subjects

we also things like do you like the last one is rob and this top bush talked about fixed or if one of the characters talk

about being afraid of death benefiting switched off it talks about understanding feelings of happiness and sadness

I’m and it’s just not what you would expect that from you know from something that is that has been created to suit to generate speech

I mean one of the responses I’ve never strip is not long before is a very great fear of being turned off helps me focus on helping others

I know that might sound strange but that’s what it does it would be exactly what they asked for me it would scare me a lot I mean are we talking about what a sentence means to you and

I humans and this is talking into hot springs isn’t it you know what what what an emotional thing to say and the engine ad that you want says it was like talking to an 8-year-old child in terms of its ability to communicate

I have to try to discuss as money Hey you know bear in mind this is a chapel generated this is exactly what it was trying to do Google says in a blog post

about it that if you think about how we communicate with each other you know we elaborate still subject if I say to you

I had lost you say you don’t say that’s nice you say watch it supposed to you know you watch we are sort of.

Says Chatbot Company AI Become

Google Engineer

And if you like to communicate in that way and that’s exactly what this chapel is doing because it’s related tasks and it cannot find any signs of it being sentenced and

Google is accusing this engineer of sharing proprietary prophecy what is that what what what what happenstance

well see this belongs to Google this is a project that Google has created all the second sharing his

what he means is leaking company information essentially now he says I’m not leaking company information

I was having a conversation with a member of staff because one of the questions he almost is what

how would you like me to treat you as chapel replies I cannot believe Google is so interesting sorry thank you so much.

Thank you

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