How to Setup litespeed cache plugin A to Z



Today we will explain how the Lightspeed Cache plugin works. I’ll find out,

So let’s see how it is set up.

Login WordPress dashboard

Click Plugin Option

Search Plugin: Litespeed Plugin

And Click: Install and Active.

i have already downloaded the plugin and kept it active. Le’ts take a look at the rest of the steps.

General Settings

Automatically Upgrade: On

Domain Key: Active

Guest Mode: ON

Guest Optimization: ON

Server IP: Click Show and Seletd Box and Submit Server IP

Notifications: OFF

Save Changes

Cache Settings

Enable Cache: ON

Cache Logged-in Users: ON

Cache Commenters: ON


Cache Login Page: ON

Cache favicon.ico: ON

Cache PHP Resources: ON

Cache Mobile: ON

Save Changes

CDN Settings

Go Down
Save Changes

[1]Image Optimization Settings

[2]Image Optimization Settings

Auto Request Cron: ON

Auto Pull Cron: ON

Optimize Original Images: ON

Remove Original Backups: OFF

Optimize Losslessly: ON

Preserve EXIF/XMP data: ON

Create WebP Versions: ON

Image WebP Replacement: ON

WebP For Extra srcset: ON

WordPress Image Quality Control: 82

Save Changes

Click: Page Optimization

[1] CSS Settings

CSS Minify: ON

CSS Combine: ON

Generate UCSS: OFF

UCSS Inline: OFF

CSS Combine External and Inline: ON

Load CSS Asynchronously: ON


Inline CSS Async Lib: ON

Font Display Optimization: Default

Save Changes

[2]JS Settings

JS Minify: ON

JS Combine: ON

JS Combine External and Inline: OFF

Save Changes
[3] HTML Settings

HTML Minify: ON

DNS Prefetch Control: ON

Remove Query Strings: ON

Load Google Fonts Asynchronously: ON

Remove Google Fonts: ON

Remove WordPress Emoji: ON

Remove Noscript Tags: OFF

Save Changes

Media Settings 

Lazy Load Images: ON

Save Changes

Database Optimization

Clen All

Thank You

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