Jack Ma Life Story CEO Alibaba Motivation Sotry

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I do not have a rich father. Not from you know well educated I said I tried 3 times for university all failed for the last time I went to teachers college which was considered the third all 4 class of my city. But I think that is the best university better than Harvard Wharton.

I apply for harbor for 10 times also if you don’t want to seem terrible. And I I think that is a normal life. It was so difficult at that time I was so frustrated. Because I taught in the university my pay was $10 amounts was not easy I believe that something something is waiting for me there.

And I have to work hard to prove myself that was a tough experience. And I never thought I was smart. Nobody believed I could be successful is everybody say what this guy think differently think it’s crazy you know the thing about something about work a lot of Greenwood as I said I believe it because I saw the computer in 1994 when I went to the USA I think this thing could be big.

I never thought it would be that big like today. Honestly people see also are you are you have a big vision I was lucky to know a lot of famous people Bill Gates Warren buffet that Jack Welch Larry page box October I would like to share with you the difference between those people and other people they are always optimistic for the future. They never complain. I always try to solve the problems of the others. And I think where is the opportunity the opportunity lot always lies in the place well people complain. Some people send their complaint you see if I can solve that complaint that’s the opportunity. Everyone agrees why this issue.

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Because people don’t agree with I think this is good. Find a group of people working together and making sure people working with you together I believe the dreams whether investors believe this or not what do your friends believe it or not what the parents believe it or not that’s not important you believe that your team believe a work day and night on this. That’s what happens everybody is the same. Yes we are stop from the scene. The best. Is that you are young. Don’t complain. Let the other people complain. Complaint those people still.

Think about how you can make things different use your own break to think. Is that opportunity inside is there anything I can do to make your first thing about this. And then when you think about this study I saw a lot of young people have a fantastic ideas every even in the morning to go to the office and again. Make the moves make action to everybody any person tomorrow is a new.

They have to work very hard right I don’t work for the others I work for yourself and I choose the way work my for myself.

Working for myself that means working for the society if you really want to work for ourselves think about this making sure you help others because only when the other half of the people successful when the other people happy you will be successful you will be happy.

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