OPPO Reno 8 Pro Unboxing

OPPO Reno 8 Pro Unboxing

Hey, guys, I’m from a tech job and this is new although we know 8 pro which is a 2 in one it’s a phone and America.

Launching Reno

Now big thank you to all-purpose sending the server for me to test and I got the pro model hit which is launching alongside the regular Reno aids and also a live version.

Launch Event

Well they’ve had a swanky launch event in Paris I was able to get a sneaky sample a little bit early to show you guys so there’s been a series is propose mid to upper mid-range phones with the Reno 8 pro sitting just below the flagship find X. 5 and X. 5 pro.

Flagship Brothers

Although it does for some of the techs from its flagship brothers we get the same 80 what supercharging the same I make some 66 camera sensor for the mainland’s and we’re also getting opposed merry silicon X. M. P. you and hit.


Which is an extra A. I. module that works with the camera to improve video, particularly in tricky lighting and the Reno does 1 better than the X. 5 pro with a high-quality selfie camera.


OPPO Reno 8 Pro Camera

This is the best front-facing camera to prevent a poll on the phone not too shabby considering the media a pro will cost you a pretty reasonable 500 99 pounds.

Reno Design

The Reno a pro is taken some design inspiration from the ex 5 pros while we get this sleek single piece of glass carving up around the camera module it is good like us 5 front and back not be tough of a test but this thing.

Fingerprint Magnet

Does look good even if the glazed black color is a little bit hard to show off on camera I’d probably go for the more interesting glazed green and as you can see this mirror finish also makes a bit of a fingerprint magnet this thing is incredibly thin though and just 7.34 millimeters and also.

Wasted 150 grams you really can feel just health then this is when you pick it up although I did notice because of the size of all that kind of module my index finger would often rest on the corner.

Phone Info

OPPO Reno 8 Pro About

Go to section 19. 20 manage expectations there’s also no headphone Jack or micro SD card support we do get some solid stereo speakers IP 54 rating which means it’s splash resistant so maybe they’ll take it in the shower now this flat almost bezel-less screen does look good it’s a 6.7 inch 10 bit I’m alive fully C. plus


OPPO Reno 8 Pro Gameing Screen

I’m going with 20 height screen which you can switch but is not a probably dynamic L. T. P. O’Connell it does also support HDR 10 plus but not Dolby vision.

Well, what about on the inside well we have MediaTek’s brand spanking new domestic AT 100 Max chip which is based on a smaller and more efficient 5-nanometer architecture than the 1200 Max to be got in last year’s Renault 7 now suddenly.

I don’t have last year’s model with me to compare side by side but what?


I can tell you is intentional patents on medium-high settings and 60 FPS of course it ran beautifully and naturally enough to about half now it didn’t get particularly hot.

Thanks to both the new ultra conductive cooling system and also the more efficient hardware MediaTek chips have come a long way in the last couple of years.

And that is paired with 8 gigs of ram which can be posted up to 13 by the virtual ram that uses some of your storage which you may as well do since.

We have a very healthy 200 56 gigabytes of the stuff the 8 plus 256 is the only option available for the renewal of a pro 1 spec 1 price now this guy ships running ColorOS 12.1.1 which is on top.

Android Version 12

Android 12 now there are some preinstalled apps so you can easily hide or remove these overall it’s fast you have a good amount of customization and extra options.

Battery Life

OPPO Reno 8 Pro Battery

We should expect ColorOS and also under 13 later this year or the very latest the stuff between 23 now as the battery life we get a good size 40 500 manpower cell which has been.

Getting me to About

Getting me to about 11:00 PM with around 25 percent left we do also get fast 80 watts charging because he also opposed the supercharger I’m just 11 minutes we’ll get you up to 50 percent the only downside is we don’t get any wireless charging.

Wireless Charging

Let’s talk about this camera because once again put a lot of emphasis on it and while the find X. 5 pro does still outclass it as the No Way pro like the telephoto lens and also the ultra-wide use a lower quality sense act importantly the main camera is roughly the same as a say the selfie is even faster.

I’m fastened freshens it does a pretty good job even in tricky lighting colors are natural there’s a good amount of detail and dynamic range and I mostly shop with the A. I. seen enhancement enables which in low light did produce slightly better shots although the cost of slower shutter speeds so it can be easy to get a blurry photo.

Blurry Photo

4K Video Camera

The video is fantastic though it’s shop and buttery smooth enough okay plus if you do have the A. I. mode turned on if you’re shooting in meager light it’ll automatically kick in the 4 K. ultra dog video mode which uses the Marissa can X. A. I. to reduce noise Brian the video and improve the white balance auto says it also improves.

London Underground

dynamic range when you have lots of bright and dark areas on the scene and in some situations, it did seem to make a difference, particularly in this video I show on the London Underground.


Switching around to the selfie it’s a safe 32-megapixel camera and for the first time on Oprah, we get water-focused a new RGBW sensor that lets small light tan so whatever magic he’s going on behind the scenes my first impressions of the minute wait time we’re all very good.

Reno phones


Okay let’s wrap up and I must admit all pose Reno phones haven’t particularly excited me in the past there’s a lot of competition at this price point but.

Good Battery Life Performance

I think there’s a lot to like about it good performance good battery life is a really good camera but take that with the cabbie out that this is not a full review.

Camera to get a fuller idea

I do need to spend more time with the battery in the camera to get a fuller idea 40 reckons are tempted to let me know the comments below.

I will support a link in the description if you want to check it out thank you so much for watching guys hit the subscribe button if you want to see more of well maybe I’ll see you next time right here on the tech job.

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