Review: ASUS Zenfone 9 Built For Battery Life

ASUS Zenfone 9 For Battery Life

The zenfone 9 so I got these devices in a few weeks ago and these are class examples it’s got a powerful chip and a huge battery these are now at 4300000000 Barbara’s like it’s

ASUS Zenfone 9

I think the biggest size battery I’ve ever seen in a device the size it still keeps the headphone Jack and it also keeps the compact form factor 5.9 inch display fits nicely in your hand it’s a very impressive said hardware but nothing’s perfect in


This tech world right okay so we popped open you get a 30-watt charger so this is a relatively fast charger for again a device the size also comes with a case it’s a fairly sturdy case.

It fits nicely on these devices it comes in 4 colors red the call sunset read their starry blue to favor my bunch and then there’s midnight black and all 3 of these have a black anodized aluminum frame and then the white of the call like moonlight


white prints more for the beige color this has a silver frame but all 4 of these devices have a plastic back which is very nice to type so it’s not like a robbery materializes got this soft touch rubber-like texture to it it’s not squishy like if you pressed down or it doesn’t squish in it’s


I think it’s just hard plastic with a nice coating on it but this is a very durable finish and I like it now the fingerprint sensor is located on the side it’s quick it’s like a very snappy getting in but this year they have a feature that gives a

Touching your Screen

touch sensitivity so you can scroll up and down on it without touching your screen or you can use it to launch custom apps or you can use it to launch like a voice to text features you can you know double tap it medic

Hey make sure at tomorrow’s meeting you don’t bring peanuts because the dudes are allergic to it and it’ll post into like notes app or whatever you’re using to look and record a quick note so I popped it open because


I want to see the battery there’s still no wireless charging but the battery is big it’s 4300000000 pairs but it’s not just like the kind of size the footprint of it it’s also a thicker battery than normal and

I think because of the slightly thicker battery they’ve made the whole device ever so slightly thicker it’s still lightweight at 169 grams

Battery That Uses Claiming

I believe this kind of battery to-weight ratio is quite rare that the pixel 5 is close but the big battery in a small phone and battery life is quite good as getting 8 to 10:00 hours of screen on time depending on how hard is pushing it’s not quite the 2-day battery that uses claiming

I’d say this is like a very comfortable full-day battery the charging speed is also quite good so again 30 watch the charger but normally a small phone like this you can’t pump that kind of water into it this can do because they have some tech they can handle the higher wattage and is also suffer.


Features built-in that helped to extend the longevity of the battery life so you can lower the kind of full charge capacity as well as adjust the waters as being pumped into it while it’s being charged but they have hardware and software features to kind of give that battery the best life possible the screen on this year’s and the phone is nice but

Watching HDR

I don’t think it’s much different from the previous generation so it’s still 120 hertz 400 NIT brightness indoors if you go outdoors like 800 and for watching HDR content it’ll pop up to 1100 in certain spots beautiful screen it also has a nice feature some of the feature characteristics

we’re if you can if you dim it down if it’s like a dense the campus find picking it up but it’s like the screen still on its views and at night and you

PC Screens

want those damn screens you know like blowing out your eyes this is a wonderful spent a lot of PC screens can do it on it’s also got some nice sounding speakers on this device but there are some thicker bezels on the top and bottom now the camera system the main cameras using a

Sony IMAX 766 is the ultra-wide as the IMAX 363 these are both mid-range sensors the main Kerr was pretty good but if

I had 1 complaint it’s that it’s not particularly consistent with exposure so sometimes it’s overexposing sometimes underexposing and it’s for no particular reason like some of the shots are difficult it just messes up the exposure of the ultrawide is decent it’s good

Snapdragon 8 Plus

when there’s a lot of light but it’s not great in low light or for trying to catch a shot quickly the front camera is very good that was sharp and it’s quite consistent in terms of performance so this is running the new snapdragon 8 plus

Powerful Chip

Jan 1 is their top line ship and a great performer in terms of just benchmarks as well as energy efficiency it is weird to me though that they put such a powerful chip into this phone like it’s a smaller device and it’s got a smaller surface area so to cool the chip

Financial Cost

you have to do a lot of stuff that you had to put extra thermal material and those considerations because it’s got such a small form factor and they’ve done a good job like considering all the complexities of working in such a small space but there’s a cost it’s the financial cost this is so.

Better Camera System

Much more expensive than last year’s phone 8 so this is a $799 phone at the baseball now understand there’s inflation in the world like tech products are costing more and this has better hardware like a better camera system the bigger battery there’s more stuff in this year’s product the last year but a $200 price increase in one year.

It’s steep and I think a big chunk of that price increase comes from the snapdragon chip now I would argue that on a device like this because it’s a smaller phone you don’t need to throw in the snapdragon 8 plus Jan one there’s like literally top of the line chip

I would like to seem like the snapdragon 7 right then it’s a newer chip lower power lower everything it would be cheaper and this wouldn’t be an $800 phone now I think the reason why they can kind of get away with it though still.

Pixel 5

Is that there’s nothing else quite like this like if you were someone that used the pixel 5 or like any of the smaller phones there are very few alternatives in the android space and

I think that if they put a mid-range chip in here and made it like a 600 or $650 phone it’d been much more popular but we have an $800 phone this year now another thing of concern is the software support so Asus is providing 2 plus years of guaranteed software updates and they’ve put 2 plus because I think it’s it’s variable right I think of this thing is very popular it sells well

2 Years of Support

I think they would extend beyond the 2 years but in the case that doesn’t sell well I think it just cuts off at 2 years now I think that’s way too short I feel on a device like this, especially at this kind of price point it’s gonna be a minimum 3 ideally for. And it’s just it’s actually kind of weird to see 2 years of support on this now the other thing to keep in mind is like.

ASUS Zenfone 9 For Battery Life

People who aren’t tech enthusiasts like people that are watching this kind of video I don’t think they care but I realize I’ve least come to terms that most people don’t care about extended software support after a few years they just use their device they just stick

with it and it’s cool but for the nerds like me it’s like what the heck man 2 years that’s it but that’s how roles this year okay there you have it zenfone 9.

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