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That’s suppressed buyers with sound digital doubles that monitor your health 40 printing and other future technologies that exist today see a compilation of the most amazing technologies that will change our lives in the next 5 years. 

One of the technologies of the future that’s a global trend and already being actively used in cutting edge enterprises around the world is digital twins full virtualization of a product its assembly and testing process makes it possible to identify all possible errors

and defects at the design stage why is that especially relevant now well first because the global trend towards personalization which means smaller batches and second because of the tightened requirements for the integration of electronic and mechanical components in third because the increasing frequency of unforeseen changes in supply

chains for example the integrated digital twins of printed circuit boards is a model of the product and manufacturing process accurately replicated in virtual reality it allows processes to be simulated ended just before they are implemented in production this significantly increases the likelihood of on-time and successful first batch production

and therefore saves time and money with the manufacturer if you want to learn more about the features and benefits of digital twins as well as how to implement them for successful PCB design and assembly download the Siemens case study link in the video description. 

Many movies about the future have medical compartments or pockets where you can undergo full-body digital scans for signs of illness or injury. Such tech is being involved in real life as well in for example the start-up Q. bio has developed a scanner that can measure hundreds of biomarkers in about an hour from hormone levels liver fat deposits

or inflammatory markers to find cancer cells from this data the company plans to create 3-dimensional digital avatars of the patient’s body and by regularly overlaying new data on the digital twin doctors or artificial intelligence in the system itself will be able to analyze the process and changes to prevent serious diseases. 

The second technology also health-related is artificial today many technologies are entering the market that can give or restore lost vision for example this year Israeli surgeons implanted the world’s first artificial cornea the 78-year-old man who is blind in both eyes when the bandages have removed the patient could mediate Lee read and recognize family members the implant naturally fuses with human tissue without the recipient’s body rejecting it. 

Similarly in 2020 religious scientists developed an artificial iris adapted to smart contact lenses that correct a range of visual impairments other companies are developing their own versions of smart lenses the goal is not just improved vision all vision. Scientists are also working on wireless brain implants that completely replaced the ice for example the

system consisting of an implant mounted on the surface of the brain and glasses with a camera is already being tested in Australia the camera captures your surroundings entrance into signals that are transmitted directly to your brain and so far the technology is able to distinguish between light and dark objects what is constantly being improved. 

A big problem in medicine and rehabilitation is inflammation following surgery the solution was a 17-year-old dossier tape into stitches to change color from bright red to dark purple when a woman becomes infected by detecting changes in the PH of the skin and die for the surgical sutures was regular peach juice which reacts to a change in PH 9 although there are more sophisticated smart suture technologies Dossena solution is the simplest and most affordable in the world. 

In the future drones will be able to deal with forest fires and they won’t need tons of water to do this the drones will only need to be able to send sound to the bright high volume the point is that sound waves can be used for the pressure I eat they can be used to push out of the fires experiments have shown that with the right frequency a fire

without access to oxygen will simply go out a sonic fire extinguisher has already been created as an example and by the way, low frequencies work best. 2 American researchers at the Washington University in St Louis Missouri have developed a method that can turn a cheap and widely available building material into smart bricks capable of storing energy like a battery although the research is still in the proof of concept stage the developers claimed that the walls made from these bricks can store a significant amount of energy to be recharged hundreds of thousands of times within an hour Mr for

converting red bricks into a supercapacitor is to apply a conductive polymer coating of polystyrene sulfonate which seeps through the pore structure of the fired bricks turning them into electrodes to store energy well we’re waiting to see the results of the study and our country could use these bricks. 

The companies are working on haptic virtual reality technologies there are already special suits in various courts they’re all quite cumbersome for now researchers at the Northwestern University United States developed a prototype of the flexible artificial skin capable of transmitting the sensation of touch to tiny vibrating components the

the prototype consists of 32 vibrating actually comes in silicone polymer measuring 15 centimeters by 15 centimeters which are then moved to the skin without tape or straps and contain no large batteries or wires it uses NFC technology to transmit data the result is a thin and lightweight system that can be worn in Houston definitely. 


Israel cab syndrome have perhaps already become obvious future and the first country to fund the construction of the urban drone airport in the U. K. the hope is being built in Coventry it will be fully autonomous and powered by hydrogen generators the idea is to eliminate the need for so many trucks and private cars on the roads and replacing them with a clean alternative in the form of a new type of small aircraft the design of which is under development. By the way. 

He’s also actively developing and to speed up its adoption companies are beginning to create contact sports that can receive cargo from drones. Another solution to urban problems should be floating farms Morgan the senior cities or inland bodies of water for example a project by forward-thinking architecture is a 3 tiered structure 24 meters high with solar panels on top to provide the energy the middle tier close a variety of

vegetables using nutrients in the liquid rather than soil these nutrients and plant matter going to the bottom tier to feed the fish which are raised indoors 1 smart looking for measuring 350 by 200 meters will produce about 8 tons of vegetables and 2 tons of fish per year the units are designed to connect together which is convenient because they don’t need many of them and do by for example import 11000 tons of fruits and vegetables. 

Engineers also suggest creating high-rise bars there closer to traditional form but they’re not located on the ground but on the roofs of high rise buildings such a solution may be relevant for large cities countries without extensive agricultural lands. 

Another trend in future technology is personal health protection for example with devices that provide personal clean air for example a device with a magnetic face shield and a personal supply of filtered and sterilize they’re the mask is worn around the neck

with the insides of the device on the back in the battery on the chest the air is drawn into the device from behind a screen passes through the filter goes to an LED ultraviolet light matrix and photocatalytic sterilized the last stage is a set of charcoal filters cleaners delivered directly into a person’s mouth and nose. 

The battery lasts for 8:00 hours of an autonomous operation what do you think these masks will become common for us in the future let us know in the comments. 

In the healthcare of the future, there are also plans to use drugs that take effect only certain conditions and such an effect can be achieved with the help of 4 D. printing this is a technology that allows you to create 3-dimensional objects printed on a 3-dimensional printer for which the fourth dimension is time, in other words, they are capable of changing over time and under the influence of certain stimulus. 

It could be temperature humidity light or another action the key to this technology is finding the right smart materials and scientists are now experimenting with hydrogels in shape memory polymers in addition to drugs 40 printing can be used in the production of multi-functional clothing transformer furniture and other fields. 

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