World’s First Sony CAMERA Honor 70 Review 2022

Honor 70 Review

Hey guys I’m Tom the tech chopper comes without words and this is new on at 70 it’s almost a new midrange issue phone over


Here we had the magic for pro recently which is the flagship this guy stalls for about 480 pounds so firstly a big thank you to all of the sending this out and also sponsoring this video.

Video Looks Different

Will there as always all opinions are my own and the first thing you might notice is it’s pretty light also this video looks different because I’m filming this and show on the on a 70 in 4 K.

Because the camera tech in this is one of the headline upgrades including a new I.

Sensor so Level

Makes 800 sensors so the level of play with the and the minutes now as well as the onus 70 they’ve also announced this guy the new pad 8 which is a cheap and cheerful android tablet turned in 80 quid for a 12-inch 520-gram tablet if.

Screen Experience

Want a big screen experience that maybe once a path with you on a 70 like a fine wine to a delicious meal because they both do support on a Shasta be an ice combination but this is why you’re here so let’s talk about the only 70 okay.

Google Services in The Play Store

Let’s get this unboxed and to answer your first question yes this does have Google services in the play store so you can get all the apps on this all to have no restrictions over the last couple of years they produced a pretty incredible phone.

Watches and Phones

As well as laptops tablets watch and phone there’s a big old on a family now I’m so in the box we have the phone which makes sense a protective case some paperwork a sim ejector as well as the U. S. B. C. cable and also the 66 what on a supercharger.

Pick this up

And here it is now the first thing you’ll think when you pick this up is who feels nice and looks good as well this looks and feels more premium except for the price tag a little that comes down to these card edges.

On a call that super Jul carved screen now, I know not everyone is a fan of coverages I’m not, particularly either although the screen itself doesn’t cover.

Honor 70 Review


all that much kind just blends into the rounded frame although there is a noticeable docking on the edges of the screen where it becomes almost translucent.


I guess because the bezel is so small you could say that is the screen bezel the screen itself is a big 6.67-inch led display that is also fully C. plus resolution and we get a dynamic 120-hertz refresh which helps everything feel nice and responsive plus we also get 1920 herbs PWM dimming which can help reduce eyestrain.


Around the back, we have this familiar all the jewelry in camera set up now I have the midnight black model of the R. 70 here which is a little bit tricky to show off on camera the whole thing though is surprisingly thin and light for its size and just 7.91 millimeters thick and weighing 100 78 grams.

Official IP Rating

So as the cliche goes it feels good in hands it’s a lovely design but I do have a couple of criticisms firstly there’s no water resistance we don’t have an official IP rating with this new happen Jack or micro SD consul Paul which is never guaranteed.

Midrange Phone

All day-long midrange phones sometimes can surprise you are we to get Joel Sam 5 vehicles that are full so no stereo speakers just as often find 1 so if you’re watching videos or playing games the sound can be a bit 1 sided sold.


Together there are a couple of compromises with this now on the inside the only 70 is powered by the snapdragon 778 G. plus which, to be honest, is getting on a bit on the plus doesn’t add much although only have tweeted.


Get a little extra boost so yes the snapdragon 870 all the new S. 7 Jan 1 would have been nice to see but as always it all comes down to cost it’s a balance and this is still very capable and is plenty fast enough for the most demanding.

Honor 70 Review


Games and running in the background we have almost a west tumble thanks which manages the phone’s resources so you get the best performance possible from the hardware.

We do also get 8 gigs of ram and that’s boosted with extra 2 gigs of honors ram Tombo unless Penn with either 128 or 256 gigs of storage which I see any cost an extra 50 quid and altogether it does feel fast the 120 has refreshed is big.

Help but also the only magic you I. 6.1 software which runs on top of Android 12 does a good job of keeping everything running nice and smoothly now there are some preinstalled apps say Kerry blue well you might want to get rid of but.

We also get on a share which lets you seamlessly share files photos and documents with you on a laptop or tablet such as this new on a pound 8.


Android Updates

More importantly though on the say that we’ll get to full android updates, I’ll be on 72 years of support which is okay 3 would be better okay.

I saved the best till last let’s talk about this camera and we get a 54-megapixel main lens that uses an industry first 1 of a 1.49-inch pie makes 800 sensors allows along with a 50-megapixel ultra-wide which also doubles as a macro as.

Well as that 2-megapixel depth sensor and then on the front we have a 13-megapixel selfie so the only thing missing is a telephoto lens so.

We’re not getting any kind of optical zoom swipe over to the more tab and it’s even more modes to play with and you can edit and then drag your favorites to the main carousel for quicker access 1.

The interesting mode is this solo because the less you create portrait-style videos that spotlight a specific person in a group using some very impressively name technology called possum re-identification and possum temporal tracking.

Video 4 K

Video tops out at 4 K. and we also have this multi-video if you want front and back for the recording simultaneously and some of the photos the new sensor helps keep noise to a minimum and is a good amount of detail and colors of nature.


I do wonder though if the I. S. P. in the slow aging snapdragon chip holds back that camera tool I wonder if a more powerful tool in your process would get you more from me.

Makes 100 now just a quick mention of this guy on a pad 8 if you just want a big screen lightweight nice companion to your phone this is not bad until lunch or yes the specs won’t blow you away view angles on the bass but it’s a 12 inch fully see the screen it.

weighs just fund and 20 grams we have a couple of cameras collie complains about the price and if he’s watching movies doing some web browsing checking documents about until.

So I think the only 70 gives a very good first impression I need to spend more time with it to get a real sense of the battery and the camera is capable of but for 480 pounds yes there are some compromises.

More Review

I was missing a few features but it’s worth considering I see to sweeten the deal if you buy this before September 16 then you also get a payoff or is it both 3 pro for free which normally cost 170 pounds so that does make this a lot more interesting but.

What do you think to tend to let me know when you make all the honest MC in the comments below thank you so much for watching guys if you enjoyed the video like and subscribe will be very much appreciated I guess next time right here on the tech jobs.

Thank you

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