Yahoo pulls out of China citing challenging business environment


He’s a demolishes Johnny tech company who has poured out of China the withdrawal does not come as a surprise because Beijing is infamously known for its digital censorship in fact many of our services well blocked by changing things government

recent crackdown on tech companies in China has complicated the matter further in a recent statement to Yahoo China said that in recognition of the increasingly challenging business and legal environment in China yeah I was sort of services will no longer be accessible from mainland China as November

1. It said we remain committed to the rights of all users and a free and open internet.

 The pullout comes at a crucial time Washington and Beijing have been at loggerheads over technology and trade the U. S. is put restrictions on telecom giant hobby and many other Chinese tech companies. 

The White House is blatantly accused these companies of shedding data with the Chinese government and even its military. In an expected move Beijing has denied all these connections the country in fact is it back in the United States for blocking China’s technological rise. 

Just in case it’s just that it’s pretty clear that there that the Chinese government is not going to allow US companies to operate without heavy censorship. 

I’m about to be heavy scrutiny of data. So they’re there for those companies that must’ve decided to you know discuss about ripple out entirely. 

Because that’s basis they don’t any hope that’s what’s getting better in the near term. 


Yeah I was just foreign tech companies right to China last month the Microsoft plus an additional networking platform linkedin said it would shut down its Chinese side angle we gave up many years ago so why are companies pulling out of China not hot as Beijing creates such a hostile environment but at Johns argued that there are huge. 

But denture market by the government tries to control the market directly by forcing funds to censor the content and moving anything even remotely political a changing thing government is good at finding alternatives with western companies in the market

China has built its own version of the digital engines like Yahoo and Google scans the battles search engine has already the white there’s a Facebook and Instagram in China WeChat and Weibo are the leading social media platforms in the country.

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